Renal Society of Australasia Journal

    The Journal

Volume 4 / Number 2 / July 2008

Regulated payment for kidney transplantation: the best of two evils?
Bennett, PN.
The effect of intradialytic foot pedal exercise on blood pressure phosphate removal effi ciency and health related quality of life in haemodialysis patients
McMurray, A., Blazey, L. & Fetherston, C.
Variations in vascular access flows in haemodialysis can depend on needle orientation
Schoch, M., Wilson, S. & Agar, JWM.
Preparing for a kidney transplant: what do nephrology nurses need to know?
Wilden, C.
Organising the work: choosing the most effective way to deliver nursing care in a hospital haemodialysis unit
Dobson, S. & Tranter, S.
Book Review: Clinical Cases in Kidney Disease
Tranter, S.