Renal Society of Australasia Journal

    The Journal

Volume 6 / Number 2 / July 2010

Interprofessional education:implications for nephrology care
Williams, A.F
Compliance, peritoneal dialysis and chronic kidney disease: lessons from the literature
McCarthy, A., Shaban, RZ., & Fairweather, C.
The New South Wales Renal Nursing Education Survey
Tranter, S., Westgarth, F., Kemp, J., & Macneil, J. WN
Biosimilar medicines and their use: the nurse’s role and responsibility
Salem, L. & Harvie, B
The introduction of Assistants in Nursing in an Australian haemodialysis service
Chow, J., Miguel, S. LiDonni, M. & Isbister, I.
Cochrane Nursing Care Field: Steroid avoidance or withdrawal for kidney transplant recipients
Gyi, A
Book Review: ABC of Kidney Disease
Lee, A.
Book Review: Nephrology: Clinical Cases Uncovered
Harvie. B.