Renal Society of Australasia Journal

    The Journal

Volume 7 / Number 3 / November 2011

Making change in haemodialysis units for a sustainable future
Anthony Perkins & Rosemary Simmonds
Audit of factors associated with the intactness of central venous catheter exit site dressings for northern Australian haemodialysis patients
Kim Hughes, Anne Gardner & Joleen McArdle
Preparation for surgery: optimal time for blood collection following haemodialysis
Natalie Ko, Glenn Stewart, Frank Li, Martin Gallagher & Fergus Davidson
Constipation in patients on peritoneal dialysis: a literature review
Anna Lee
Pre-emptively pausing ultrafiltration to minimise dialysis hypotension
Wendi Bradshaw, Cherene Ockerby & Paul Bennett
Cochrane Nursing Care Field: Human albumin for intra-dialytic hypotension in haemodialysis patients
Lesley Andrews
Cochrane Nursing Care Field: Intervention for bone disease in children with chronic kidney disease
Nerys Brick
Book Review Handbook of Chronic Kidney Disease Management
Shelley Tranter