Gold Sponsor: Tristel

Tristel is the global leader in chlorine dioxide disinfectant solutions for infection prevention and contamination control. With the Tristel ‘Trio50’ Wipes System available in Australia for nearly a decade, Tristel has expanded its product portfolio to offer chlorine dioxide solutions for a wide range of applications.

Chlorine dioxide is a broad-spectrum biocide with proven activity against bacteria, viruses, yeasts, mycobacteria, and bacterial spores when tested against European test norms. Chlorine dioxide has a proven public record of being a high-level, sporicidal disinfectant that is effective with contact times as short as 30 seconds.

 Tristel’s technology extends across manual and automated disinfection of medical devices, disinfection of environmental surfaces, and treatment of endoscopy rinse water to ensure compliance with local Standards. Patented chlorine dioxide chemistry provides all these solutions.

Tristel also provides accessory products and services to support their product use, including dedicated online training, digital traceability, and device storage solutions. 

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Resource Materials:

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Live Presentation:

Branch:  Victoria

Date:  Thursday, 12 November

Presentation Title:  “Ultrasound Used for Line Insertions – Are Your Infection Control Practices Sufficient?”

Presenter:  Ash McMaster, Tristel Managing Director