RSA is a single-entity, not-for-profit organisation incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee under Australian (federal) law.  In line with the legal requirements and obligations of this structure, the RSA Board has full responsibility for the operations of the organisation and is able to delegate as it sees fit in order to ensure the organisation achieves its objectives. 

RSA directors hold significant responsibilities, both individually and collectively.  Importantly, the Corporations Act requires all directors to act in the best interests of all members of the organisation. They must declare conflicts of interest which can arise by their connections both outside and within the organisation, including any other role they hold within the organisation such as Branch Chair, Conference Convenor and the like.

The structure of the RSA is:


The current Constitution was adopted by members at the AGM/SGM held on Friday 28 June 2019.



The RSA Board approved revisions to the Bylaws to support the Constitution in Nov 2016 - members can view this document here.  Please note following recent acceptance of an updated Constitution, this document is now under review.


Board Charter

The RSA's Board Charter (updated October 2018) outlines the role, responsibilities and expectations of RSA directors.


Terms of Reference